What can I expect from coaching?

Often when people first get in touch they ask me what they can expect from coaching.  It is different for every individual depending on what they are bringing to the coaching.  However I have just received some feedback from a client which I thought it would be useful to share with you.

“I had never been to coaching sessions so I was unsure of what to expect. I immediately felt at ease with Mandy, who was welcoming, calm and gentle in her approach. Her style was probing and direct yet reassuring and comforting. Unlike counselling sessions where I talked for an hour and left unburdened but not really any further forward, her sessions kept me focussed on my long term goals. Her questioning made me think deeply and ‘homework’ kept me on track in between sessions. I really believe that the changes I have made have come from working alongside such an experienced and caring coach. The journey for me was sometimes difficult and emotionally painful but Mandy walked beside me in those sessions and supported me to a positive outcome. She challenged me to think deeper and kept me focussed when I strayed off task (I’m a big talker). I felt that Mandy really got to know me and was able to ask me the difficult questions I had shied away from asking myself. I don’t recognise myself now. The vision that I created in my first few sessions is beginning to become a reality. I’m not the finished article but I feel 100% more confident in my ability to get there and that is thanks the coaching.”

Through focussing on how she wanted her future to be (and how she wanted to be within this future) this client reflected on her approach to life and work and she identified positive and empowering strategies.  Not only that but she worked hard to implement each step change and to learn in order to keep moving forward.

Sometimes people find it difficult to see over the top of the rut, yet alone climb out of it, but with patience and guidance they can tune into their personal resources, create choices and move into the future that feels right and good for them – and then to keep doing that from moment to moment, seeing each day as a work in progress.