The Ah-Ha Moment

The Ah-Ha moment – it happens in a flash but its impact can cast a light across a whole life, making it impossible to go back to old patterns of behaviour that suddenly seem so redundant.

And the trigger?
Usually a very small facet of a recollection, a perception, or the glimpse of a new interpretation and yet it makes such a difference.

This ‘Whoo – how come I never saw this before moment’ is something I experience again and again with clients and is a very powerful step towards you opening doors to new possibilities.

This is the beauty of using NLP tools in the context of a life coaching experience as it helps us join the dots and make more sense of our lives and the patterns that have prevailed. And then through the many positive tools NLP offers we can re-evaluate our experiences and develop new patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Our personal perspective is only one of many. Near where I live in the sea-side town of Whitley Bay there is a main road which demonstrates this so well. I never cease to be surprised and startled by the ginormous ships that are waiting off the coast to come into the Tyne. Surely they couldn’t possibly even get through the pier walls. And even though I know it’s an illusion I can’t help myself, my planned destination suddenly escapes my attention and I find myself driving down to the sea-front to find the ‘monster’ ship. Of course it’s not there – and what I see as I rest my hand on the railing and look out to sea is a ship just like all the others waiting its turn to bring in its cargo of goods.

Often, like the ship that we falsely believe we will never get through the pier walls because our problem or experiences have become too big, we can’t focus on anything else and the size of it casts a shadow over everything in our lives. This is how NLP can help you because it helps you accept the possibility that this is not the only truth. And when you break your anchors and shift your perspective you can recognise the true scale and impact of your experiences, you can see all the other ships and can even consider how they see you as they look back through their binoculars.

Now casting your eye out even further – NLP can help you vision new horizons and new amazing potential of new lands and continents that lie ahead of you. And as you gather more information and reassess your current reality the choices begin to open up and you can begin to move forward with the great gift of learning that life constantly and graciously offers you.