There are currently no training events planned for 2020 we will update the website as soon as we have any information



What people say about the training

“I have always been interested in NLP and have researched the subject myself on several occasions. However, the terminology used often makes it difficult to understand the core messages. Mandy cuts through all of this and presents the information in many different and engaging ways so the meaning becomes clear.”  C Beckett

“This is the best training I have done in a long time. I have been able to use all the learning in my professional and personal life and it has given me many fascinating insights. I have looked forward to every session with Mandy who is an inspirational trainer. I would totally recommend this training to everyone.”   P Penny

“So much more than just training, a valuable way of helping yourself to help others.” Julie

About your trainer  (that’s me!)

Mandy is an experienced coach, trainer and NLP practitioner.  With a background in management, training and group facilitation across the business, voluntary and statutory sectors, she brings a wealth of experience to her training.

She is passionate about sharing tools and approaches to enable people to manage their lives and themselves more effectively; and to do this with ease, confidence and a positive sense of self.  Through her training she also aims to increase understanding and respect for the unique nature of each individual and their gifts and potential in the world.  Her affordable training is of a high standard and designed to be accessible to people who might be put off by more formal training.

Mandy is an INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association) accredited trainer, a member of the Association for Coaching and the Association for NLP (ANLP).

You can find out more on Linkedin.