New Year, New You . . . .

There you are, it wasn’t a “new you” that made a choice and did that, it was YOU!  You with all your experiences, skills, resources, curiosity, thinking, feelings, highs, lows, everything and all that you are.  Yes of course you might want to have new and different things in the New Year; new ways of being, new places, new people, new jobs, new this, new that.  But my guess is that you already have within you everything that you need to achieve whatever it is that you yearn for so much.  It is just that living, people, beliefs and other stuff have added so many layers of experience (good and not so good) that you no longer recognise who you really are, and who you can be. Honestly, it’s all there – you just need to ask the right questions!

Over the festive season I read The Secrets of Meditation by davidji*.  In it he refers to asking the Soul Questions: Who am I? What do I want? and What is my purpose?  

These are subjects that we also explore within a coaching context.  Getting new perspectives and greater insight into these fundamental questions enables us to understand why we respond to our lives as we do.  It allows us to open up and recognise opportunities and to make choices that sit comfortably with who we are, what we want and what our purpose is (at whatever level(s) you choose to experience purpose).

Having dreams, goals and aspirations is a good thing, but not at the cost of trading in your old self for a new one (it’s just not sustainable).  Knowing, understanding and loving (yes, loving) your true self will provide a steady foundation for all the transformations that you will experience in your life.

Let’s make 2013 the year where we all get to understand our inner-selves (motivations, emotions, aspirations, strengths, values and dreams) even better and experience lots of new and wonderful ways of being. 

Wishing you a glorious New Year – Mandy.

(*Secrets of Meditation – I loved the book, practical, pulled together a lot of concepts and ideas for me and was very inspiring).