Life Coaching – Untangling the Knots!

Sometimes we can become so consumed by the experiences and situations in our life that we can’t seem to move forward and take control. Behaviours that are anchored in the past drain us of all our energy and enthusiasm and we feel stuck. Our self-esteem becomes affected, we feel overwhelmed and our confidence to make even the simplest choices about our future becomes compromised. Knots that used to be so easy to untangle now appear too huge to even begin to unravel.

This is the point in your life where coaching and its ability to help you connect the dots to a new reality could be really useful to you. By providing the structure to untangle and stretch out all the different strands, knots and blockages in your life, we can then begin to put together a whole new connection of possibilities.

By enabling you to view your experiences and current situation from a range of different perspectives, life coaching can help you undertake a true and positive critical examination of your current reality. And by ensuring that your future vision is aligned with your current reality, I can help you to identify a range of options which could open up real possibility for change.

There are times when we all need advice or to hear about the experiences of others, especially when it comes to a specialist area of expertise. Advice however, can often be given as a misguided opinion and when opinions are not fact they need to be closely examined before they play a role in your future plans. Life coaching therefore encourages you to identify the choices that meet your needs, and by exploring and connecting the dots of your life experiences you can then begin to choose the world in which you want to live in.

Being listened to in the way that a coach is trained to listen is empowering. It validates your experiences and acknowledges you as the expert in your life. And as you begin to tap into your own inner wisdom you will begin to see life as a series of stepping-stones to growth and creativity rather than as a minefield of obstacles. Life coaching helps you set aside your negative patterns so that you can connect the positive dots of your life together again. You gain a better understanding of yourself and the knowledge that you have the resources to respond to the opportunities that your life is waiting to give you.