It’s a Goal!

When I work with a client we spend time exploring and understand goals.  What it is that brings you to coaching, what you want to achieve and what difference this will make.

Sometimes we set out on a journey with only a vague idea of where we want to go or just knowing where we don’t want to be.  Although this can be exciting there is also a high probability that you’ll end up somewhere that isn’t what you thought it would be or that is equally as uncomfortable as the place you just came from.  Or worse still you won’t have moved at all.

However, when you spend a bit of time working out exactly where you are heading for and whether it’s the right place for you, the chances of actually getting there and liking it are so much higher.  This is even more likely if you’ve checked you’ve got the right kit before you set out and that your destination is actually accessible.

It’s the same with what you want in life – in your relationships, confidence, motivation, feelings, behaviours, your responses to difficult situations and so on. Having a clear, positive goal that is within your control is so much more likely to result in success.

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