Finding it hard to make a decision?

Are you caught up in the conundrum which is the need to make the “right” decision? The more important this need is the more elusive the “right” one becomes.  We procrastinate, ruminate, look for yet another person to give us advice and tell us what to do and all the while we become increasingly stuck.

The process we use depends on the context and its potential impact.  Some decisions need little or no thought at all (shall I hit the snooze button again?).

Then there are others where the consequences are much greater – if we make the “right” decision life will be brilliant and if we make the wrong one it could be catastrophic. Fear of getting it wrong can stop us in our tracks; meanwhile we lose touch with our personal strengths, confidence and ability to make any decisions.

But what if there isn’t a “right” decision at all?

What if the only thing we can really do is to make the “best” decision we can at any one time?

How about breaking the ‘big’ decision down into a series of smaller ones?

What if the best decision is just to make one of these smaller decisions and stop being stuck?

If all else fails toss a coin!  (You’ll sharp know whether it feels like the right decision for you or not!)

Maybe you need to do more research – that’s a decision!

The action that comes from one decision will result in a raft of new experiences, information and perspectives that will then inform your next decision and so it goes on.

You will be able to move forward, mapping your course step by step, and that feels so much better than being stuck.