Where do we find the answers to a better life?

I’ve just been planning my autumn programme of workshops – Tips and Tools for Everyday Living.   Why workshops and not training?  Is a workshop really where we’ll find the answers to a better life?  I had not given the word too much thought but I did know that this was how I wanted to refer to the sessions.  Then in a recent conversation with another coach I had an interesting insight and came to realise the relevance of this word for me.

When I think of a workshop I think of a large space full of tools, materials and equipment; somewhere for creating tangible products, things that are useful, practical, effective, beautiful – all of this and more.  It might be for inventing and experimenting with new ideas or for maintenance and fixing.  Or it might be for refining and putting the final touches on something that already works.  It feels like an exciting place where, given the right circumstances, almost anything is possible.  It is a sociable place, a place of sharing with the objective of making something happen.  Usually working on something that is heavily influenced by the people working on it, their skills, experience and understanding of the situation.

This is what I hope to provide within my workshops.  With a wider pool of experience and some well developed tools and techniques we can explore and craft our personal approaches to better living.  A place where we can find strategies and solutions that fit with individual style, goals and life.

Why is it so important for you to find your own solutions?  Couldn’t I just teach you what to do, signpost you to some advice or a good book?  No!  Because as an individual, as a coach, and certainly as a practitioner of NLP, I believe that each of us holds within us the key to the unlocking the best solutions for us and our problems.

I am not an expert on how your life works.  No one, apart from you is.  I have some pretty good ideas about how life can work and there are some useful ‘rules of thumb’ that can help provide structure and guidance.  But I want people to learn how to open up their own choices. To be able to experience the joy and satisfaction of successfully negotiating life’s difficulties and to feel the sense of achievement that results when a new way of being works and works well.  And then what I want is for us all to be able to do that again and again in this workshop that is life.