A journey of a thousand miles . . .

begins with a single step  (Lao-tzu)


Following on from my previous post here’s a bit more about goals.

Now just imagine for one moment that you can travel forward to a time when you’ve reached your goal.  Enjoy spending some time there noticing how you experience life when you’ve made the changes you want to make.

But Mandy, I hear you say, It’s all seems so huge, I can’t see a way to get there.  Well as Lao-tzu says:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 

I have worked with many clients who have felt overwhelmed by their situation and when you are supported to break the whole journey down into manageable steps you will begin to move forward, developing new skills and resources and finding that each step becomes so much easier.  At some point you’ll realise that you’ve built up momentum and then one day you’ll stop noticing each step as you begin to enjoy the ease of living the life you had once imagined and hoped for.

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